・Entry is limited to elementary school and below. International entries welcome.

  Kids class Age 6-9yrs old. (Birthday from April 2, 2011 to April 1, 2014)
  Junior class Age 9-12yrs old. (Birthday from April 2, 2008 to April 1, 2011)

・Entry fee: 1,000 yen (refund is not possible after entry)

[Contest Rules]
・Please Upload a 45-second video (without editing) using an mini ramp.
---If you post a video of 45 seconds or more, you will only be scored on the 1st 45secs of the run.

・Ramp size: FLAKE CUP events are run on a ramp scale 120cm.
---If you ride a ramp smaller than the height of 120cm your score will be slightly reduced.
---If you use ride a ramp larger than 120cm you will still be scored the same as riding the 120cm height even in the case of high-performance tricks are performed.

・Scoring will be performed by 3 judges online, using the same scoring criteria as FLAKE CUP.

■When recording a video, please follow the rules of the facility where the video is taken and be careful not to bother other customers.

■For health and safety consideration, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection, such as avoiding shooting / filming in large numbers.

■The posted videos maybe used for sales promotion of FLAKE CUP related companies.

■Helmets must be worn in this competition and all FLAKE CUP events.

Please prepare your helmet and get ready too shoot a rad mini ramp show real. Best run wins.

・Entry period is from 12:00 on June 1, 2020 to 18:00 on June 14, 2020
Please complete the entry fee payment (credit card payment) after entering the necessary information according to the entry procedure on the URL below.


※Check the entry method with a video


"FLAKE CUP" is hosted by the kids apparel brand FLAKE, and is a gateway-like contest for kids skaters. It has been held annually for more than 10 years (2007) every year since the boom of kids in the skateboard industry (2007). Board contest ". This year, with the cooperation of AEON MALL, it will be held at 10 venues nationwide. Many Japanese skaters who are currently active in skateboarding participate in "FLAKE CUP" young generation. "FLAKE", which hosts "FLAKE CUP", supports many professional skaters who are form Japan, such as "Ryo Sagawa" and "Kyonosuke Yamashita" ・ Some of the past performers were the likes of Professional snowboarder "Ayumu Hirano" is also a former member of "FLAKE SKATE TEAM". This is the 5th year of AEON MALL, which opened in 2016, "FLAKECUP" will be running qualifying event at "Kugenuma Skate Park" and AEON MALLs. All competitors are elementary school, and the finalists of goes to the final stage at the AEON MALL in January 2021.We will hold a championship to decided the No. 1 kids skaters nationwide in Makuhari New City AEON MALL 2021. Best of luck and Hope to see you at the final.

Youth apparel children's clothing brand that offers kids a realistic street culture that respects SKATE / SURF / ROCK / ART on the West Coast of the United States. Widely supported by many kids such as skateboards and dance scenes.

Sponsor: FLAKE Co., Ltd.
Supported by: Japan Skateboard Association
Cooperation: GREENFUL